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Identify and describe different formats of information including text, images, sound and video in their lives

Introduction to the data handling unit

Discuss how information about them is captured, stored and shared.

Photos / videos from phones and digital cameras are capured and stored on devices, they might be printed an put in physical albums, on PCs and iPads or stored online through Face book, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Text – who might create and store written information about them. Teachers, doctors, dentists, parents. Some of this information will be hand written and stored in books or input as text into a computer. Parents might do this through social media to tell others about them. By professionals to record infomration about their education, health and well being.

Audio – Is there any audio only recordings of them. What was the context? They make talk to friends using technology using a mobile phone or theough a headset in a game but this is unlikely to be captured and stored anywhere. We can explore other stored audio that they access such as music and audio books. How are they created, where are they stored and how are they accessed.

Give children examples of different media and ask them to sort them into the four categories. Whick type of information dothey like the most and why?


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